Posted by: phillipsre | January 6, 2017

Seattle Housing Market: What to Expect in 2017

seattleThis year the Seattle housing market will see an increase in competition, while the supply for houses is low, only 1600 houses on the market in December, the demand is still high.

In 2016, we saw the priciest year ever for Seattle-area real estate, although home-price gains have started to slow slightly and most experts think the biggest increases might be behind us.

On the flip side, the rental market is booming, which might mean that although people are moving in and around the city, they are not selling their homes in order to move. Additionally, apartment and condo buildings continue to be built and are filled with tenants.

This article from the Seattle Times gives an overview of the current state of the Seattle housing market and what to expect as a buyer, seller, renter or owner.

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